Love at First Sight

Have you ever believed in love at first sight. I never did. Atleast, until I saw her for the first time. It was 3 years ago and I still remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was the first day of our college and it was the introductory class. It was the day before the formal sessions started. The students were introduced to the staff , the general rules in the college, the syllabus and finally, each student was supposed to introduce himself or herself. Just as we, the students , had settled down, the lecturer came to the mike and said,” Good Morn..”. “Excuse Me, Sir. I am sorry I am late. May I come in?”. All heads turned towards the direction of the voice. There she was, in a pristine white salwar kameez , her wavy jet-black hair caressing her shoulders. She was nervous and excited at the same time. The lecturer motioned her to come in. She walked in a bit nervous and when she looked up searching for  a place to sit, our eyes met. I smiled and she smiled back.

And thats all I could for the last 2 years. Everyday, we smiled at each other. The best I could muster was to keep a red rose on her place before anyone  walked in the classroom on special days like her birthday, when she topped in class etc.,. There was a huge banyan tree in our campus.One has to walk past it while coming in and going out of the college. Every evening, I used to stand behind the tree and watch her walk past chatting with her friends.

The final year started and I decided that I will propose to her on the graduation day. I can do it earlier too but I guess I was just buying time to muster courage.

Today is the graduation day and the BIG day. As usual, she was the topper of her stream and was the star  of the evening with all possible prizes to her credit. I was happy and applauded whole heartedly. I felt as if I had won all the prizes. In fact, I was bursting with pride. When it was time to go home, I took my position by the banyan tree. She was headed towards the banyan tree and her face was so radiant. She came nearer and nearer. I had this strange feeling when I called out to her. She walked past as if she didnt hear. Suddenly, 10 steps further, she stopped and looked back. And she walked towards the banyan tree.

She came near the tree and said, ” I would be happy if you had been today. If it was not for the fatal accident, 4 months…..And yes, I would have said yes….Rest in peace!!!”

Tears started running down her cheeks and she walked away hastily. I was stunned and was watching her walk hastily and then run and finally disappear.

I felt I would burst into tears but dead men dont cry.



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