Random Thoughts

1. My first visit to the beach

2. 50 paise bus tickets

3. Big Fun bubble gum

4. My first ever jeans gifted by dad

5. My first movie with friends – (Yeh Dillagi)

6. First crush

7. Exchanging smiles with that crush

8. Talking throughout the nite with friends lying down in the hostel terrace watching the sky

9. Appreciation from CEO

10. First promotion

11. Trekking in Cardamom Hills

12. waiting for exam results

13. Late night black coffee and Maggi in hostel during exams

14. School Farewell Party

15. Wedding day

16. First kick in my tummy by my son

17. Dark temptation at Barista Coffee Bar

18. Satyam Theatre

19. Butter Popcorn

20. Days spent with mum, dad and brothers while all of us were staying together

When sleep eluded me last night, these were the things that were flashing in my mind. Not in any particular order though.


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