Love Story

Love stories end in marriages. Well, most of them. But my wedding was the beginning of my love story. I saw him for the first time on my wedding day.His smile made my heart do somersaults. When he extended his hands to wish me , I held his hands a wee bit  longer than it was necessary. He bent down to say ” Congratulations” and his voice made a thousand butterflies flutter in my stomach.

I was in a daze from then on. I was on a automaton mode while accepting people’s wishes while all the time I was looking to speak to him again. The rest of the day whizzed by and then it was dinner time. I was nibbling the food and at the same time wondering what it would be like to be embraced by his sturdy hands, to snuggle against his broad shoulders and more along the same lines. At one point, I almost choked when I was brought back to reality while my mom-in-law was asking me something. I apologised and continued the conversation though I was very upset at being disturbed from my reverie.

It  was when I almost about to get up from my dinner, my mobile phone signalled a new message. My heart was beating crazily when I saw the name of the sender. It was HIM. I read the message a couple of times to be sure I got it right. It said, ” Meet me in the garden around 10 P.M.”. I was wondering what could be the reason. I was like a school girl excited about her first crush. I willed the hands of the clock to move forward. I stole glances at my watch while talking to people. I knew it was rude but I couldnt help myself.

It was the wedding night and after a tiresome day of celebrations everybody retired early but not before they pushed me inside the decorated bedroom amidst lots of laughter and cheesy comments. It was 9:45 PM and I could hear my heart beat rather rap loudly. I looked around the room and there was a door which led to the garden. I waited till it was 10 o’clock  passing my time by pacing to and fro, as if that would make the clock tick faster.

I made my way to the garden and looked all around to familiarize with the layout. I glanced once again  but this time my eyes were searching for him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his silhouette against a tree. Excited beyond limits, I walked slowly towards him contrary to my thoughts where I had visualised running into his arms. His back was turned to me. As I approached him, I wanted to turn back and run. But I went on. I extended my hand to tap on his shoulder but withdrew my hand at the last moment and turned back. Instantly, his hand grasped my hands and I felt a chilling sensation. He pulled me towards him, ” After all the wait I am not going to let you go. I didnt call you for this. I just wanted to say that I am crazily in love with you.” So saying, he lifted me up and carried me to the decorated bedroom. My husband.


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