MWS – Tall, Fair, Slim and Professionally Well Qualified…

It was not as bad as I feared it would be. My dad was right( as he usually was). I didnt get married the next day after registering my name. Life was going on as usual but somewhere at the back of my mind , I was aware that all this was going to change and the clock  was ticking.

One lazy Sunday morning, as I was having my morning cuppa and browsing through the newspaper, my mother called me. After the initial inquiries and a mild lecture on having my morning cuppa at 10:30 AM, her tone underwent a change as she said,”Ammu, there is something I need to talk to you about”. My mom was never the one to indulge in preliminaries and the fact she was doing just that caught my attention and my alarm bells started ringing. With great anxiety,I asked her,” What is it? Is everything ok? ” and then fearing the worst I asked,” Am I supposed to meet someone?”. She hurriedly refused that and put me in ease. If that was not the case, I can take anything else. Or so I thought.I am not going into details into the rest of the conversation as it was mainly one – sided with the occasional ” hmmms” from my side.

After the call, I sat  thinking over what my mum had said and my eyes fell on the matrimonial ads on the Sunday magazine. As I glanced through the  “Brides Wanted” (Urgh !) section of the Classifieds, I could actually understand my mom’s apprehensions. Most of the ads invariably described the bride to be fair, slim,beautiful and professionally qualified. Since I was not fair, slim and pretty average on the looks department, my mom felt I was at a disadvantage. So she had suggested that I get on to a weight loss regimen on war footing and ditch my specs and switch to contacts. I was not angry with my mum. She did not want her daughter to be rejected. I perfectly understood.

But on the other hand, I was also sure of one thing that if someone wants to marry me ,it better be for the way I am. I didnt tell this to my mum though.This episode made me dread the entire process even more.

It was back to work as usual on Monday morning. Monday mornings at work makes one completely oblivious to the rest of the world. There was an agreement to be signed on Tuesday for which the final touches were being given. Monday whizzed past and the sign -off  happened smoothly on Tuesday. That was one of my first major assignment and the successful completion gave me a high.

Thoroughly contended, I was on my way home. I was in no mood to cook and just ordered a simple meal from neighbouring restaurant. A good day and  a good dinner later , I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep. And then , you guessed it right, my dad called. Again a one sided conversation.

It was happening finally. The parents of a prospective groom wanted to meet me the next day. Expected and Accepted. The guy was based in Andamans and the parents wanted to see me in person before proceeding further. They will be dropping by at my work place to have a chat with me. Ridiculous. But then, I saw a positive side – If it was getting too long, I could escape saying I had a meeting.

And the good night’s sleep was reserved for the next day.

To be continued….


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