Back to blogging with Friends and Friendship and a Challenge..

Its been 4 months since my last post. Other commitments became priorities and my blogging took a backseat, rather it was nowhere in the picture. Its been a month now since life is back to normal and I could have returned to blogging but I blame it on the laziness inside in me in not doing so. But, this post by my dear friend Anita woke me up from my stupor and I knew I had to write. Anita writes such thought provoking posts , sometimes all I do is like her post since I dont know what to leave as a comment. I just wish I could write as well as her.

Now coming back to Anita’s post, she asks a very pertinent question – Do Friendships come with  an Expiry tag? Now most people would swear on friends and friendships being forever and ever, but honestly how many of us are still in touch with our childhood friends? No, not on Facebook and twitter but I refer to the sync we shared with them. If we meet our childhood friends say after a gap of 10-15 years,( a) we would just have memories to talk about and then updates on present status and then probably promise to be in touch and then move on or ( b) start off from where we left.  In friendship, what matters is not for how long we are friends but how deep a bond we share. ( Courtesy: Katha Parayumbol). In the above scnario, if we opt for option (a), probably the bond was fickle and in case of (b),we are lucky to have shared so deep a bond.

So, as an answer to Anu’s question, I feel the expiry tag depends on how deep the bond is between the friends and as such, I do agree that some friends do come with expiry tags. With the advent of social networking sites, the definition of friend itself has undergone a seachange. In that perspective, there are increasing number of expiry tags and with some the expiry period is short , too.

I know I dont make sense in this post but a big thanks to Anu for having made me come out of my reverie and write something.

Now, to the challenge part, my weight has always been my challenge. Just to have something to look forward to, I have started on this 100 day programme for my weight loss. I intend to provide weekly updates on the progress along with some recipes that I used in my schedule. Hopefully, I should be able to make a visible difference this time.

So, watch out for the first weekly update this saturday and also the recipes that will follow.














One thought on “Back to blogging with Friends and Friendship and a Challenge..

  1. Thanks so much for the mention Gayathri. I makes me immensely happy that you liked the post enough to write about it on your blog. It is a pertinent question indeed and you are right about the depth of the bond shared part being the decider about whether the friendship would stand the test of time or not. Still it would really help placing every relationship- the depth etc in a frame ( in that period in the past) to not lose perspective. I still feel, distance and time destroy notion of what we feel for a person. we get muddled up in our brains on how and what we feel for a person after a certain period of time. Atleast it does for me. What I have realized is, it is futile to try and compare or analyse any relationship beyond that frame unless if it still exists now and is likely to exist in the future. This post for mainly for me to put into perspective the fact that it is not fair to judge any relationship outside that said frame. Every friend and the friendship has definitely given us something in terms of memories and feelings which we should cherish and carry on. But to hold on to something that has died and can’t rekindled is foolish. That is all I wanted to convey.

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