Watermelon-Onion-Feta Salad

Just as I mentioned in my previous post, I have taken up a challenge to lose as much as I can in 100 days. Today is the 10 th day and the first 10 days havent gone exactly to plan. I have succumbed to temptations on more than a couple of occasions. I just learnt that before starting on a diet regime, one should do a quick cleaning of the refrigerator. Having a litre of Tiramisu icecream in the freezer is not going to help you one bit. The weekends are even more dangerous. You just cant sit idly and watch your hubby and son relishing burgers, fries and classic icecreams from Baskin Robbins. But one thing I am happy about is that I persisted the soup – salad diet during the week days.  I also noticed that alongwith the diet and an hour of work-outs , I am able to meet my targets pretty well. So, from now on I have resolved to resist my temptations for the next 90 days. Will suely keep you updated on the progress.

Meanwhile, this watermelon salad is one of my favourite and perfect to beat the summer heat. A bowl of this salad and a glass of buttermilk mixed seasoned with curry leaves, salt and asoefetida  fills your stomach and cools your body. I saw this salad in one of Nigella Lawson’s shows. I dont remember the name of the show  but luckily I had noted down the recipe.

Recipe :        Watermelon- Onion- Feta Salad

Source :       Nigella Lawson


Watermelon deseeded and chopped in cubes  – 2 cups

1 red onion

juice of half a lemon

Chopped mint  – 2 tablepoons

chopped parsley   – 2 tablespoons

Feta cheese – 2 tablespoons

Sliced black olives – 2 tablespoons ( optional)


  1.    Slice the onion and soak it in the lemon juice. Keep it for 15 mts. This will turn the onions to a bright pink colour
  2.    Mix the watermelon, mint  and parsley in a bowl
  3.    Add the onions alongwith the juice and mix well
  4.    Add feta cheese and toss well

Enjoy the salad alongwith a glass of buttermilk.



5 thoughts on “Watermelon-Onion-Feta Salad

  1. Didi you are too good. Looks great, we dont get Feta here but I did try it with paneer. It was good :).. Great Idea.

    Request: I do want recipe of bisi bele bath. I hope you post the recipe soon.

    P.S. You got one more follower. Great Blogs. Loved each and every one of it.

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