For the love of Dosa….

This is my first post in my new blog and I would like to start it with a dish I love the most – Dosa!!! I can have it anytime of the day and I can never say no to Dosa even on a full stomach..A nice, crispy dosa with a soft and fluffy inside can make me go weak in my knees, forget my ambitious diet plans and my anger. I dont even have to look at the menu when I visit any South-Indian restaurant. It will always be, you guessed it, Dosa!. Even though my mom makes wonderful dosas, the Dosas served at the restaurants occupy a special place in my heart. How much ever I tried, I couldnt replicate the kind of dosaas they serve in the Udipi and the Saravana Bhavan chains. I was constantly in search for the elusive recipe.

My prayers were answered in this month’s issue of a local community magazine here in Bahrain -Salaam Bahrain. The issue carried an exclusive feature on Masala Dosa. Alongwith some interesting facts on Masala Dosa, a recipe for the dosa batter was also given. The recipe was quite different from the usual recipes and I tried out immediately with fantastic results. The moment I had one bite of the dosa, I felt a sense of achievement and the recipe was too good not to share.


Idli rice or parboiled rice      2 cups

Skinned Urid dal                     1/2 cup

Fenugreek seeds                    1/2 teaspoon

Poha ( Beaten rice)                 1/4 cup

Cooked rice                              1/4 cup

Sugar                                         2 teaspoons

Salt                                             1 tablespoon or to taste

Chana Dal (yellow split peas) one handful


  1. Soak the par-boiled rice, fenugreek seeds, poha, cooked rice, chana dal together in water  in a big vessel overnite
  2. Soak the Urid dal separately overnite.
  3. Grind the contents from both the vessels separately and mix them by hand.
  4. Add sugar and salt and keep the mixture for 6-7 hours before making dosas.

This batter yields the best dosas and I am pretty sure that once you have had this , you will never go for the restaurant-made dosas again.


5 thoughts on “For the love of Dosa….

    • Thank you, Z…Hvnt yet tried but I guess there should be no problem if its parboiled brown rice…WIll try and let you know…Meanwhile, just been to your blog and back..You have a wonderful space..

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