A Sneak peak into My Weight Loss Plans

March 17, 2013

Oh my God, do I really weigh this much ? I have to, have to , have to reduce my weight.I am overweight atleast by 20, no 18 , no make that 15 kgs.( Psst,15 sounds much better than 20). I have 3 more months to go before my annual vacation to India. I have 12 weeks in hand. If I reduce at the rate of 1 kilo a week, I will reduce around 12 kgs by the time I leave for India. No. Make that 1.5 kgs. Yeah, this should be fine. From tomoroow onwards, I will wake up at 4 in the morning, go for a 5 km walk and then do my belly dance routine from the CD and then I will start the daily routine. I will start the day with green tea , have a smoothie for breakfast, buttermilk mixed with ground flaxseeds for mid-morning hunger pangs , orange juice for evening tea cravings and the fruit salad/soup for dinner.

I feel much better now. Yes, I will update my diary everyday on my progress. I am all charged up now. Cant wait till tomorrow.Good night Diary.

March 18, 2013.

I overslept today morning. Got up at 6 AM only and today was the housekeeping day and I couldnt leave for walking after sending S and N to office and school. I had  a smoothie for breakfast and by the time it was 11 AM I was hungry again and I took a biscuit and for lunch there was leftover rice from the morning. Didnt want to waste so I had it. I had a coffee in the evening alongwith a digestive  and again I had made dosa for the night for S and N. And you know well that I can never resist dosa..So I had that too..Anyways, I will start tomorrow…Good nite Diary

March 19, 2013

I went for a walk in the morning but I could walk only for 20 minutes since S had to leave for office early. I came back from walk and had a coffe and a digestive. AFter sending N to school, I was browsing and chanced upon my friend online after a long time. You know, Priya. Yeah..we chatted for quite a long time and it was 10 already. I couldnt do my belly dance routine.  I cut up a tomato and onions, and mixed it with boiled chickpeas and seasoned it with salt and pepper and had it as lunch alongwith a glass of buttermilk. For the night, I had an apple for dinner. I am so hungry now. I will have some water and sleep now. Let me see if I can get up early tomorrow. Oh! by the way, there is a party tomorrow. I will stick to the salad and some light items only. Dont want to eat and increase my weight. Good night

March 21, 2013

Sorry Diary , couldnt update you last night.  What a party it was!!! We had a blast. Awesome fun and awesome food. The chilli gobi for starters was awesome.  There was this dum aloo banarasi which was out of the world. The cake, Oh my God, it was to die for. It was a moist layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream and topped  with ganache…I had 2 servings. But I was a good girl today. I did 20 rounds of the park. Had smoothie,   grilled panner sandwich and  apple for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Had coffee in the morning and orange juice in the evening. I also did my belly dance routine. Felt good today. I will continue this.

March 22, 2013

Dear Diary, got up only by 7 today. Its the weekend , na. But there was a dust storm outside and I couldnt go to the park for my walk. I was busy the whole day what with N’s classes and grocery shopping for the week.  Been walking and walking at the mall today. I guess that should have compensated for the morning walk I missed today. But since we got home late, we ordered a biryani for dinner.

April  10, 2013

Oh my God, do I really weigh this much?  I have to, have to , have to reduce my weight……



10 thoughts on “A Sneak peak into My Weight Loss Plans

  1. G’Day! Gattusjournal,
    Very interesting, i just found out today that my mom throws up after she overeats. i don’t know how long she’s been doing it, and what hurts is that she’s the one who always instills in me and my dad how important one’s health is. She cooks all this healthy food. She’s such a hypocrite though because she keeps wanting me to eat, while she constantly checks her own weight, and sometimes i find her pinching her belly to see how much fat she has. She’s really sneaky. As stupid as this sounds, I have this feeling that she’s competing with me… running up right after i weight myself to sneak a peak at how much i weigh, furtively looking at how much rice i put in my bowl, deciding to skip meals with me when i say that i’m not hungry. What do i do? Should I confront her about this? It’s just really awkward, but if I’m really concerned about her well-being, i know i should do something about this.

  2. Wandered here by way of Ameena’s blog and could definitely relate to this post. This whole post child birth weight has got to go but it’s not going anywhere 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your weight loss journey!

    • Thak you, Azmina for dropping by and the comment…:) You have a wonderful blog…And yes, hopefully I will be able to do a post on my successful weight loss..:)

  3. Studying your post made me understand how a lot effort you should have put into its content material. I really enjoyed reading all this information and agree with you on the large portion of it. Great job.

  4. Hey, How did u know what happens with my weight loss plans… You got me completely… 🙂 … I wish u good luck and wish me too and hope I go for my walk tomorrow morning ….

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