I remember telling my friend long time that kids are cute till they start asking questions. She asked me back what will I do when I have kids of my own. I replied saying that I will ask my kid to not ask silly questions. She laughed off my reply and said , “If only..”. I left it at that.

Fast Forward 10 years..

Yesterday, after a stage show featuring Barney and his friends, my son and I had the following conversation:

Son: “Mamma, why did we go to the Barney show?”

Me: “You like Barney, no? that’s why.”

Son: ” Why is Barney so big?”

Me: “Barney is a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are big. So, Barney is big.”

Son: “Why BJ, Riff and Baby Bop are Barney’s friends?”

Me: ” Just like Evan and John are your friends. BJ and Baby Bop are Barney’s friends”

Son: “Also  Riff”.

Me: ” yes, Riff too.”

Son: ” Why is Barney’s name Barney?”

Me:  “Why is your name Niranjan? When you were a baby, your papa and I decided to call you Niranjan. Similarly, Barney’s mum and dad gave him the name Barney.”

Son: “Where are Barney’s mumma and papa?”

Me: “Barney’s Mumma is at home and Papa is at office”

Son: ” What are the names of Barney’s mumma and Barney’s Papa?”

Me: ” Uhh..Oh, yeah..Mumma Barney and Papa Barney”

Son: ” How do you spell  Mumma Barney and Papa Barney?”


Son: ” Where is Barney now ?”

Me: “Barney is at his home”

Son: “What is he doing?”

Me: ” He is sleeping and its time for you too to sleep”.

Son: ” Why is Barney sleeping now?”

Well, I have not added my expressions in the above conversation. But exasperated would be putting it slightly. It was a good 10 minutes before Niranjan finally slept. Somehow, I was reminded of the conversation I had with my friend long time back, the one I had mentioned at the start of this post. Being a mother teaches you a lot of things – Patience being the first and foremost. No wonder it is said that a mother is born along with the child. I barely resemble the short -tempered and impatient girl I was sometime back.

Finally, I have a confession to make  – Its wonderful to be a part of the learning process of the child. It is amazing to be able to teach him new things. But at times, it does tend to get exasperating. No complaints though




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