A Grandma’s welcome

Grandmoms are always special. They are so full of wisdom, stories and lots of recipes. Sometimes they surprise you with their practical thinking, modern approach and a clarity of thought. At times its easier to make them see our point of view than make our parents understand. The time they didn’t get to spend with their children, they compensate by spending with their children’s children. They take immense joy in watching their grandchildren grow. My paternal grandmom stayed with us and I had the good fortune of listening to stories of her childhood days and lessons from her experiences. My maternal grandmother was a treasure trove of stories. I used to visit her during my summer holidays. She used to make special dishes for me and told me many stories while I devoured the dishes. After, the delivery of my son, they helped me a lot in newborn care. Their home remedies were awesome.

I hope my children share such a rapport with their grandmothers.

I don’t remember my grandmothers when I was too young to even know but seeing my mother interact with my children gives me a rough idea of the special joy the grandchildren bring to the grandparents’ lives.

When we came back home from the hospital after delivery, my mother welcomed her grand daughter with this poem.

Rich and rare is she with the looks she wears
Bewitched stare we with glad joyous tears
Bundle of roses with berry eyes like a toy
Pretty pinky looks give us abundant joy

A cute little bird with a sweet little voice
Night little star with a bright little face
Fresh little flower with heavenly fragrance
Lovely little angel with divine innocence

Home we bring our tiny darling dear
Warmly welcome the angels near
The golden rays of the sun bathe her
The silver beams of the moon dress up her

The twinkling stars of the sky adorn her
The winking eyes of the children speak to her
The whispering winds sing to her
The murmuring brooks dance to her

The roaring sea fondles her
The pouring rain smiles to her
All pretty things in the world
All wonderful things of the Nature
All holy things of the Universe
Join together to welcome her

God’s gift, elders’ blessings
Friends’ wishes, relatives’ greeting
Happily we sing, Silently we pray
May God bless you SRINIDHI

I was so overwhelmed on reading this  and thought I should record here lest this gets lost in the passage of time.

I hope the bond strengthens as my little one grows and I wish my mother and my daughter have a wonderful relationship. Of course, I will be a tad jealous!!!


One thought on “A Grandma’s welcome

  1. I haven’t known, at a personal level, what it feels like be pampered by grandmothers but I see that Mimi is really lucky like that. She’s enjoying and lapping up all the love and attention that both the sets bestow upon her.
    So lovely of your mum to write this beautiful poem for Srinidhi. Such a treasure for a lifetime. Blessed she is,

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