The Wall

​This is a poem about a wall…not Rahul Dravid, not the Great wall of China and not even the recent Mexican Wall..
On my evening walk yesterday, I passed through the building where we used to reside sometime back. And I saw the current occupant standing in the balcony just as I used to stand and admire the view.
Sometime back it was me and now it is somebody else..the only common thing is the house. It was a part of my life for sometime and now it is a part of somebody else ‘s life. I have welcomed a baby there and also lost a dear one there..

If only walls could talk they would be a treasure of human stories..

This train of thought resulted in the poem below:
I have been a blackboard,

I have been a sounding board
I have listened to frustrated cries,

I have listened to satisfied sighs.
I am privy to secrets dark and deep,

I have held people when they weep.
Love, loss, joy and sorrow,

Talks of hope of a better tomorrow.
I have seen all emotions intense,

Even the real faces behind the pretense.
I seen them all, I have heard them all

You hardly notice me, I am THE WALL.


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