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Let go…

As I set my alarm for the next day morning before hitting the bed, the date on the screen caught my eye. It was the 5th of March. “God, its the 6th of March tomorrow”, I thought to myself and immediately I felt a lump in my throat. I quickly switched off the light and … Continue reading

MWS 5 – Matrimonial Portfolio

The earlier chapters can be read here. The initial disappointment over, my dad got back into the search mode with a renewed and additional vigour. The dining table conversations between my mum and dad and my weekly telephonic conversations with them, centred around this theme only. I was always told about some profile or the … Continue reading


“Would you like to move in along with me?” I asked in a tone which I thought was casual enough but in fact I was trying hard to hide the desperation, I felt within. I was asking this to Tara. She was taking her time and I was crossing my fingers with prayers in my … Continue reading

MWS – Project Wedding Kickstarts

I knew all along that I will be having an arranged marriage and I was prepared for that. The first time this topic came up was when I had finished my graduation. My maternal grandmother did the honours of initiating the discussion. But good sense and my good luck prevailed and I proceeded to complete … Continue reading

My Wedding Story

Before I proceed I would like to explain a few things: a. I come from a conservative Tam Bram family. The Brahmin community from the Tamil speaking state Tamil Nadu in the southern India is often referred to by this name. b. Most of the marriages in this community are arranged. c.The process goes like this : – The … Continue reading

The Ghost Writer

Patience has  never been my virtue. I was tapping my pen on the table as I watched the print-outs sliding out of the printer, one -by-one. When the last of the sheets came out , I literally grabbed it off the printer. The waiting over, I arranged the printed outs, 237 pages  to be exact and kept … Continue reading

Love Story

Love stories end in marriages. Well, most of them. But my wedding was the beginning of my love story. I saw him for the first time on my wedding day.His smile made my heart do somersaults. When he extended his hands to wish me , I held his hands a wee bit  longer than it … Continue reading