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The Wall

​This is a poem about a wall…not Rahul Dravid, not the Great wall of China and not even the recent Mexican Wall.. On my evening walk yesterday, I passed through the building where we used to reside sometime back. And I saw the current occupant standing in the balcony just as I used to stand … Continue reading

Back to blogging

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I have been wanting to write but I always had my excuses ready – night feeds, a very active toddler and this and that and that and this. But at the end it all boiled down to my laziness. This March, I turned 35. This … Continue reading

A Grandma’s welcome

Grandmoms are always special. They are so full of wisdom, stories and lots of recipes. Sometimes they surprise you with their practical thinking, modern approach and a clarity of thought. At times its easier to make them see our point of view than make our parents understand. The time they didn’t get to spend with … Continue reading


My last post was more than a year ago and lots of things have happened in between then and now. I could have kept on blogging but I didn’t. Lazy me!!! Now that we are in the last leg of 2014, I realise I could have done so much more. But better late than never. … Continue reading

Soldier for Women – a Blogadda initiative

When I came across this laudable initiative by ,asking the bloggers to blog about the men who have stood up for  women so that they can be honoured, I went into a rewind mode. The incident I am about to narrate happened nearly 20 years back but it will forever remain in my heart … Continue reading

Quick Fix Lemon Rasam

What do you do when you have had payasams(kheers) and sadya(feast) for  3 continuous days? The fourth day you will automatically go in for some comfort food. Right? And what if you are in no mood to cook either? This quick fix Lemon Rasam with rice and potato roast satisfies both the condition. Light and comforting and … Continue reading

Eggless Rainbow Cake

When I first saw the Rainbow Doodle cake on Sweetapolita’s  blog, I was awestruck. I kept staring at the photos of the cake and wondered if I could ever do something remotely resembling that. Then I proceeded to Whisk Kid’s blog where Sweetapolita saw the cake and her daughter fell in love with it. One … Continue reading

Chella – Chapter 1

Year  1947 “Lets finalise this alliance , Shastriji” said Ganapathy Iyer. Shastriji replied,” It’s a wise decision Iyer and I am sure you will never regret it. Paapa will be happy. “ “ Mami, give me some water”, he continued at the same breadth to Ganapathy Iyer’s wife, Kamalam, who was meekly standing behind the … Continue reading