Wheat Beet Brownies

Sometimes, just sometimes, my experiments on creating a new recipe work. These brownies are the result of one such experiment. My nephew is allergic to APF. He can have it in moderation but we consciously cut back wherever possible. He loves my cakes and likes chocolate cakes very much. One day, I had this terrible … Continue reading

Soya Curry with Multi grain atta Roti

Disclaimer – This is not a paid review. Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would do a post on Roti and sabji. Primarily for two reasons – one,  my rotis are never the perfect circle, they look more like shapes copied from Atlas, unintentionally though and two, I am not very confident about posting … Continue reading

Soldier for Women – a Blogadda initiative

When I came across this laudable initiative by blogadda.com ,asking the bloggers to blog about the men who have stood up for  women so that they can be honoured, I went into a rewind mode. The incident I am about to narrate happened nearly 20 years back but it will forever remain in my heart … Continue reading

Holiday Baking – Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

The last was very high on emotional quotient. But I felt very good after offloading my inner thoughts in the blog. Indeed, writing is theraupetic. Whenever I am down, chocolate is what that brightens me up. This time it was Chocolate chip cookies. Niranjan’s school closed for end of academic year. He will be starting … Continue reading

Let go…

As I set my alarm for the next day morning before hitting the bed, the date on the screen caught my eye. It was the 5th of March. “God, its the 6th of March tomorrow”, I thought to myself and immediately I felt a lump in my throat. I quickly switched off the light and … Continue reading

A post to say Thank you

`This is a loooooooooong overdue post. I have no specific excuse or reason for this delay but it just happened. 😦 In our community there is a festival every month of the calendar except the May and June months. But of all the festivals, the one I look forward to the most is Diwali. During … Continue reading