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Wheat Beet Brownies

Sometimes, just sometimes, my experiments on creating a new recipe work. These brownies are the result of one such experiment. My nephew is allergic to APF. He can have it in moderation but we consciously cut back wherever possible. He loves my cakes and likes chocolate cakes very much. One day, I had this terrible … Continue reading

Holiday Baking – Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

The last was very high on emotional quotient. But I felt very good after offloading my inner thoughts in the blog. Indeed, writing is theraupetic. Whenever I am down, chocolate is what that brightens me up. This time it was Chocolate chip cookies. Niranjan’s school closed for end of academic year. He will be starting … Continue reading

Brownies – Egg free and Dairy Free

If ever I had to make a list of  all things good and man-made, I guess Brownies will definitely feature in the top 5.  Brownies are  my favourite baked goodies.  When I ventured into baking, brownies was the n.1 on the To-do list. But the results are far less than satisfactory when  I tried baking … Continue reading

Healthy Muffins for Breakfast (Eggless)

Some recipes are borrowed and some are adapted and some are from a sudden flash of inspiration. This is one such recipe. The first time I had muffins was when Anita shared these with me. I fell in love with muffins. Later I had the perfect occasion to make them when we went for a … Continue reading